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Risk Assist® is a disciplined risk mitigation strategy designed to avoid large losses during steep market declines while continuing to capture growth in up markets.

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Use this online tool to see how different approaches to managing risk and preserving wealth react to historical market events. 

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Clients in the Protect stage are the most vulnerable to loss. Create a plan to mitigate their risk, while still pursuing the growth they need to meet their goals. 

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Past performance does not guarantee future results. Visuals shown are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of success or a certain level of performance.

RiskAssist® is NOT A GUARANTEE against loss or declines in the value of a portfolio; it is an investment strategy that supplements a more traditional strategy by periodically modifying exposure to fixed income securities based on Horizon’s view of market conditions. While Risk Assist was designed with the goal of limiting drawdown, Horizon is not able to predict all market conditions and ensure that Risk Assist will always limit drawdown as designed. Furthermore, when Risk Assist® is deployed (whether partially or entirely) to mitigate risk for an account, the account will not be fully invested in its original strategy, and accordingly during periods of strong market growth the account may underperform accounts that do not have the Risk Assist® feature. Clients may lose money.

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Spend Stage
Goal: Distribution
Minimize longevity
risk & grow assets.

Gain Stage
Goal: Accumulation
Mitigate Volatility
& seek upside.

Protect Stage

Goal: Preservation

Mitigate loss
& grow assets.


Dealing with stock market losses

2020 recession? Fastest ever. But not the biggest. Drawdowns of similar size occur more often than you might think. Can clients near retirement tolerate another drawdown and still achieve their goals?

For clients near retirement, volatility can't be the only measure of risk. While upside growth is still important in the Protect Stage of life, learn why drawdown is the primary risk these clients face.

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Helping clients in the Protect Stage of life

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Horizon offers risk-aware strategies designed to protect your clients' hard-won wealth.

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