What is 
Risk Assist?

A risk mitigation strategy designed to limit large losses and deliver a smoother overall investment experience

How does it work?


  • As market declines, Risk Assist triggers de-risking the portfolio with the aim of avoiding the target loss threshold
  • It de-risks by shifting assets out of the riskier securities, like equities, to ones less sensitive to market corrections, like cash and short-term fixed income
  • In a severe market decline, the portfolio can be substantially de-risked into U.S. Treasury Securities exposures


  • As conditions improve, Risk Assist is designed to reinvest to bring the portfolio back to its original growth objective
  • During normal market volatility, Risk Assist reverts to the "OFF" position, keeping the portfolio fully invested with the goal of capturing upside.


  • As the portfolio grows, it ratchets — or sets a new, higher loss tolerance threshold — with the goal of locking in portfolio gains.

Limit loss

Capture upside

Lock in gains

What Risk Assist is not...

  • Market timing strategy
  • Guarantee
  • Protection against flash risk
  • Way to capture all of the upside

During a sharp recovery, Risk Assist may lag the market.



  • Protect against catastrophic market losses
  • Prevent investors' emotional decisions
  • Deliver consistent results 
  • Provide a smoother investment experience

See Risk Assist in action

See in action

Key Features


  • Disciplined, transparent investment process
  • Monitored daily for de-risking/re-risking signals
  • Active volatility forecasting
  • Rooted in academic research

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Everything you need to know about this innovative strategy, how it works — and how you can put it to work for your clients.

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Past performance does not guarantee future results. Visuals shown are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of success or a certain level of performance.

RiskAssist® is NOT A GUARANTEE against loss or declines in the value of a portfolio; it is an investment strategy that supplements a more traditional strategy by periodically modifying exposure to fixed income securities based on Horizon’s view of market conditions. While Risk Assist was designed with the goal of limiting drawdown, Horizon is not able to predict all market conditions and ensure that Risk Assist will always limit drawdown as designed. Furthermore, when Risk Assist® is deployed (whether partially or entirely) to mitigate risk for an account, the account will not be fully invested in its original strategy, and accordingly during periods of strong market growth the account may underperform accounts that do not have the Risk Assist® feature. Clients may lose money.

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